Taffy Tales Cheat Codes – v0.82.4b (100% working)

Taffy Tales Cheat Code

In Taffy Tales, you will see the story of a normal guy who has a dual personality, who goes on a journey in a small town where almost everyone has their unique dark side. You will find dozens of characters along with their families and relations, a story full of twists and turns, and lots of graphic images. In this game, there are two Taffy Tales Cheat Codes, one to maximize Stats & Money and another to maximize Unlocks.

first, Taffy Tales Cheat Code: Maximize Stats & Money

Cheat Codes to maximize stats & money are available at the beginning of the game only. You’ll find the Cheat Code box underneath the window where you may alter the MC game before you begin playing, so you’ll need to start the game and select “New Game,” then choose “New Game” to enter the Cheat Code.

To maximize your stats and money you need the code =New Code: adbcbe – V0.82.4a

The Second cheat code: Save Unlock

Save Unlock Cheat Code will allow you to start the new update from the beginning. In order to use it, you’ll need to play the game, choose Load Game, then click the key and Press to Unlock, then input the cheat code. Also be sure to fill in the names of Mary, Tiffany, and MC.

A cheat code for the new update can be = New Code: adbcbe – V0.82.4a

Taffy Tales Cheat Code

Make Money with Taffy Tales

The process of making money doesn’t require a cheat code if you don’t want to use it. As you progress through the game, you will unlock a unique container, which lets you earn money in the men’s restroom whenever you want. To complete the minigame, you simply need to hit the green and yellow bars. You will be able to open this container on the 9th day. On day ten, you will be able to start earning money.

Active and valid Taffy Tales Cheat codes

As far as Taffy Tales codes are concerned, the only thing you need to know is that they don’t exist. In any case, this does not mean that the appeal of the game will fade away. Despite the game not having an impressive graphic section or dynamic that generates attraction at first glance, it is a game we recommend highly.

Taffy Tales codes that have expired

Furthermore, there are no active codes at the moment, so we can assure you there are no tricks that have just stopped working. Due to this, we recommend playing this game in its purest form in order to experience its full potential.

Taffy Tales Code activation process

Whenever Taffy Tales cheats codes are found in the future, the easiest way to activate them would be to go to an area that has a computer. Having all the secret codes at your disposal, you only have to go to the code option in order to activate them. A special section, however, contains the codes for the servers, although you won’t see these until you have interacted with other players in the game.

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Our Verdict

Although the story is entertaining, the routes seem a little strange since they pause themselves to continue another route, making it feel more like you are playing a straightforward game. From a game perspective, it is roughly designed as an adventure game.  In the first week, you feel like you’re in a corridor rather than exploring before you get the money. A store is useless without money, and Becca’s house indicates future content but has no relevance. A professional editor will have to work extremely hard to make this writing attractive.

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