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Tales Of Androgyny Cheats

Here is the full Guide about Tales Of Androgyny Cheats.

A Complete Guide To Tales Of Androgyny Cheats

Tales of Androgyny enables you to play a novel-based game on your Android devices. Several kinds of monsters will appear in this game, and you will also play the role of one of them. Each monster has a different animal body and possesses the ability to use superpowers that can be used to accomplish missions. This game focuses on adult themes and has a very adult-oriented design.

In addition to graphical elements, this fighting role-playing video game contains a large amount of written content. Through the use of the game’s navigation system, players are able to engage in a variety of action and adventure encounters.

Editing save files and what they are

The Tales of Androgyny save file is located in the .toa-data folder of the game’s folder. To edit the save file, just open the game’s folder, then open the .toa-data folder and modify the save file.

The steps for editing a saved file

  1. Start by right-clicking the save file you want to edit.
  2. Once the file is opened, you can use Notepad or any other text editor.
  3. Use control + B or control +F to find the line you want to change.
  4. Edit the value at the end.

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Features of Tales of Androgyny

The following are the main features of Tales of Androgyny:

Cheats are easily added

It has now become incredibly easy to add cheats to your games, all you need to do is edit the log file of the game to change some codes. You can boost your revenue, unlock new characters and gain access to new missions by editing the codes. There is, somehow, one drawback to this cheat feature: it is only available for Windows users since the PC version of the game allows editing of the log.

Support for multiple devices

The game is compatible with any device including Android, Mac OS, and Windows. It is possible to run and play the game on any of the devices listed above with no issue.

High-quality graphics

In addition to the game graphics, another feature that people appreciate the most is the gameplay. As you probably already know, Windows PC games have amazing graphics, and so does this game. The graphics in this game are stunning. Its visuals are stunning, and it has unique gameplay. The visual representations are highly detailed and precise. Moreover, the gameplay incorporates some amazing sound effects. These sound effects help to create an exciting and tension-filled atmosphere in the game.

How to Download Tales of Androgyny

The following steps will help you download Tales of Androgyny:

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of this game.
  2. You can now download the document by clicking the Download button.
  3. The download link will now be generated.
  4. Click the download button after it has been generated.
  5. Your device will now begin downloading the game.
Tales Of Androgyny Cheat Codes
Tales Of Androgyny Cheat Codes


The key features of Tales of Androgyny

The following are some of the main features of Tales of Androgyny:

  1. Both a story mode and a free-form play mode are available.
  2. Obtaining inappropriate goals and overcoming challenges in the game.
  3. Animation and Computer Graphics sets for inappropriate scenes outside of battle.
  4. Characters and enemies in combat with animated sprites are available.
  5. Character customization is based on role-playing games.

Pros & Cons

  • The graphics of this game are eye-catching.
  • Animations can also be viewed in 3D mode.
  • Overall, it is a fantastic game.
  • Playing freely is the biggest advantage of this game.
  • Adult animations are limited.
  • Some of the mechanics in the game can be challenging to figure out.

People Might Ask

What are the steps for activating cheats on the android version?

The cheat box should be active when you click the settings button and a cross will appear so you can activate them. The food mechanic is basically turned off, allowing you to jump straight to specific encounters.

In Tales of Androgyny, how does one get bonus points?

In this game, special objectives can be completed to earn achievements. Additionally, you earn Bonus Points by completing achievements. On the Progress screen of the Main Menu, you will find a list of your currently completed Achievements.

Can I play Tales of Androgyny for free?

Regardless of whether you are downloading the game or playing online, you can use this version for free.


Tales of Androgyny has been described as one of the best adult games available right now, especially from the perspective of the player. Characters in the game have androgynous features, which makes it a turn-based RPG for adults. Additionally, you can play and download Tales of Androgyny for free. Throughout this article, we discussed several aspects of Tales of Androgyny as well as the game’s advantages and disadvantages, and we also explained how to download the game.



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